ALERT: 41 SHOT, 11 DEAD! Waiting On Obama To Address The Nation

Chicago is always full of violence but holidays always bring more gun violence and heartbreak than normal. Whether it be July 4th, Veterans Day, Memorial Day or others. The Christmas season is no different. The Chicago Sun Times reports this Christmas holiday was the deadliest it has had in a while.

Thirty people were wounded and eleven people were murdered. These were all injuries that took place since Friday. This is all according to the Chicago Police Department. Last year, only six were found dead and thirty were murdered by shooting.

Two people were killed in the East Chatham neighborhood. Five were wounded on this south side neighborhood. Everyone was on the porch of a neighbor on the 8600 block of South Maryland. A person wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt walked around an alley and opened fire.

One male was pronounced dead on the scene. One twenty one year old man was shot in he back and then transported to Christ Medical Center. At the hospital police pronounced him dead. The medical examiners office for cook county could not provide more information on the details of the fatalities.

A man in critical condition was sent to the hospital. He was thirty five years old. Another man was taken to Stroger Hospital after being shot. Another twenty seven year old man and twenty one year old woman were shot. They ended with stabilized conditions.

One would think that the holiday season would bring about less gun violence. But for criminals it is the perfect time of year to take advantage of other people. And unfortunately a lot of families in Chicago are paying the price this season. Chicago is also one of the most heavy cities on gun control policy. Clearly it did not keep these people safe when they were murdered.

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