ALERT: Armed Gangs of Black Panthers Are Openly Patrolling Neighborhoods [PHOTOS]

via CT: Ah, finally. A gun club President Barack Obama can support.

The New Black Panther Party has been suspiciously silent since their unfortunate part in the Ferguson debacle. Thankfully, for those of you following the zany antics of Eric Holder’s favorite group of  militants, they’ve popped up again.

This time, they’re fronting a paramilitary firearms organization in Texas.

The Huey P. Newton Gun Club (really? You couldn’t even use H. Rap Brown or Stokely Carmichael as a namesake?) has been conducting armed drills in Dallas for some time now.

The club was founded by Charles Goodson, described as a “31-year-old dreadlocked vegan,” and Darren X, who is the national field marshal for the New Black Panther Party.

“We accept all oppressed people of color with weapons,” Darren X told Vice. “The complete agenda involves going into our communities and educating our people on federal, state and local gun laws. We want to stop fratricide, genocide — all the ‘cides.”

would like to here reiterate that this is neither a joke nor a “Chappelle’s Show” sketch.

Given its frontier reputation, Texas is surprisingly one of the few states that doesn’t allow concealed carry. However, it does allow the open carry of firearms, which the group uses to an alarming effect.

march-participant gonzalez interview

The group has been conducting armed patrols through Dallas, where they performed a call and response saying things like “This is perfectly legal!” and “Justice for Michael Brown! Justice for Eric Garner!”


Another popular chant for the group is “I used to salute the f****** flag! Now I use it for a rag!”


Of course, said flag represents the Constitution that allows them to demonstrate with weapons to intimidate people, but shh.


The New Black Panther Party, you may remember, is the group involved in a voter intimidation case in Philadelphia, where one leader brandished a nightstick and told a white voter, “You are about to be ruled by a black man, cracker!”

“What you see in the media relates to them on a national level, but their organization is a lot different here on a local level,” Goodson insists. Right.

It’s good to see that while the gun rights of average Americans are under assault from the Obama administration, these guys don’t even get the slightest bit of attention.

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