Liberal anti-gunners launched a full-on assault against gun rights in 2013, and aside from localized victories in places like New York, Colorado, and Connecticut, their push for more gun control met with widespread failure and backlash.

But the gun control freaks are not easily defeated, and have changed to more subtle tactics for attacking the rights of gun owners.

The latest strategy pursued by the antis is to focus on mental health issues. In their view,guns present a health threat, and should be treated as such.

Legislation in New York and California has already been passed that would see gun owners arbitrarily stripped of their gun rights for any type of mental health issue, whether they truly present a danger or not.

One major group that has already been targeted by anti-gunners in the federal government is our nation’s veterans.

Some veterans have already received chilling letters from the VA informing them of how they can be declared “incompetent” by the VA, and have their Second Amendment rights stripped away from them, without any due process or judicial adjudication.

Now it appears that this tactic might be under expansion, as the Army Times is reporting that the latest Defense budget bill out of Congress mandates that all active-duty, and some Reserve troops, must undergo at least one face-to-face mental health examination per year.

Deployed troops will face a mental health exam every six months.

While the problems of PTSD are certainly real and in dire need of being addressed, along with the tragic suicide rate among veterans, care must be taken with these mandatory mental health exams.

Will the doctors and nurses conducting these exams have the unilateral authority to declare someone mentally unfit to possess firearms, or will there be due process, with judicial hearings and appeals?

If there are protections and a process built in that protects the rights of those facing mental health exams, then this new law could prove beneficial.

But if their rights have been placed at risk, or this is just a ploy to deliberately strip the rights of gun owners for mental health reasons, then this law must be fought with a fiery passion.

Considering the fact that our current administration already views Second Amendment supporters as terrorists, it isn’t difficult to imagine that they will take advantage of any means to strip gun rights from as many people as possible, especially our military members and veterans that have been trained to use weapons to protect the Constitution and country they have sworn to defend.

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