ALERT: Black Muslim NBA Player Makes Chilling Announcement to Blacks Across America


From Conservative Tribune: In the wake of the recent protests and riots that rocked Baltimore, the conversation regarding institutional racism and oppression of black Americans has been sparked once again.

Though most decry the riots, it seems like some have tried to justify the violence, citing long-standing grievances many black Americans view as still unaddressed.

Former NBA superstar and black Muslim Kareem Abdul-Jabbar recently weighed in on the situation in Baltimore, writing an op-ed for Time magazine.

Abdul-Jabbar, like others, maintained that what happened in Baltimore is bigger than just the death of Freddie Gray or allegations of localized police brutality or negligence.

Rather, Abdul-Jabbar pointed to a litany of grievances from the black community, while making note of the history of protest, sometimes violent, that he called necessary to effect major change in this nation.

Abdul-Jabbar then seemingly warned — or threatened, depending upon one’s point of view — of protests and riots spreading across the country if these grievances aren’t properly addressed by the nation, meaning white Americans (H/T WZ).

“I suggest we all pay attention to what’s happening in Baltimore,” Abdul-Jabbar wrote, “because it’s very likely that unless the economic and injustice issues raised there are addressed in a meaningful way across the country, we will be seeing many more Baltimores throughout the election season.”

Abdul-Jabbar is not the first to suggest this, and the cynical person might think there were already plans for protests and riots in cities around the country, pointing to statements and actions from race baiters like Al Sharpton or the fact that many of the same groups involved in Ferguson have been found in Baltimore and other cities.

Could this all be part of the “fundamental transformation” that President Barack Obama has foisted upon this country, ratcheting up racial tension to bring about chaos, causing the general public to cry out to the government for a solution to a problem it helped create?

Perhaps we will find out this summer.

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