ALERT: Coke Factory SHUT DOWN After Horrifying Discovery In Soda That Can Make Your Family SICK

ALERT: Coke Factory SHUT DOWN After What's Found In Cans That Can Make Your Family SICK

There is arguably no beverage more American than Coca-Cola, which is enjoyed by millions on a daily basis. This is why it comes as a sickening surprise that an entire factory that fills the cans was just shut down for 15 hours to clean up a mess in their facility that’s rumored to be caused by migrants who had unauthorized access to the containers.

According to the BBC, the horrifying issue that could make consumers very sick, wasn’t discovered until the night shift noticed something amiss during the can-filling portion of the process. The machines became “clogged” leading to an absolute nightmare of a cause of what they were unintentionally filling their cans with.

The cans were being filled at the Lisburn, Ireland factory after the containers arrived to the filling station from Germany. It was reportedly the first time the cans, which typically come from other parts of the U.K. had come from Germany. This could play a part in why it was also the first time human fecal matter was found in the cans, and some people have already begun to speculate how that could have happened.

Thankfully, the feces was caught before any of these cans of Coke went to market, which led to the 15-hour factory closure to sanitize the place. The Belfast Telegraph reports that the cans arrive at the plant without tops on, where they are then filled with the drink before being sealed for sale across Northern Ireland.

Germany has become overwhelmed with migrants who routinely hitch rides on commercial trucks that take them to other areas of the U.K., which led to a rumor about how the human waste ended up in the cans. “The rumor is that some poor immigrants could have made that long journey in the lorry and that in their desperation were forced to use the cans instead of a toilet,” a source reportedly told the Telegraph.

“That’s really shocking, and if the drink cans were to get out into shops then it could be extremely dangerous for people,” Alliance councilor Amanda Grehan explained to the Telegraph in complete disbelief of this unsanitary situation.

While it’s fortunate that this issue was caught ahead of time and no soda was sold from this contaminated batch, it leaves one to wonder what could have “slipped” through the system unknowingly before now. A complete investigation into the matter is underway and it’s only speculation at this point that migrants using the cans as toilets was the cause, but if it was, then the issue could be worse than we thought.

h/t: [AnonNews]


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