ALERT: If This New Report Is True, Shariah Law in America Could Be MUCH Closer Than You Think


From Conservative Tribune: Despite what the mainstream media would like for you to think, Christianity still remains the world’s number one religion in terms of population.

However, according to a study done by the Pew Research Center, that all could change in the next 55 years, with Islam sharply increasing and surpassing Christianity in numbers by 2070.

The study found that the religious profile of the world’s population is changing and that by 2050, most of the world’s major religions, save for Buddhism, will see a significant increase.

Most notably of these is Islam, followers of which are expected to equal the number of Christians by that date.

That means that, based on current fertility rates and youth population, the number of converts to Islam in the next 50 years will not only surpass that of Christianity but will also outpace the increase population growth as a whole.

Worldwide, Islam is expected to see a 73 percent increase while Christians will only rise by about half that much at 35 percent. The world’s overall population is projected to rise to 9.3 billion by 2050, which equates to about a 35 percent rate of increase during the same time period (H/T CBS DC).

In a summary of their findings, the Pew study stated, “In the United States, Christians will decline from more than three-quarters of the population in 2010 to two-thirds in 2050, and Judaism will no longer be the largest non-Christian religion. Muslims will be more numerous in the U.S. than people who identify as Jewish on the basis of religion.”

Muslims have the highest fertility rate out of all religions worldwide, at an average of 3.1 children per woman. One can assume that, by default, the majority of the children born to Muslim families will embrace it as instructed by their parents.

The other and more terrifying reason for the growth of Islam is the number of new converts Islam will garner in the years leading up to their world dominance. A chart displayed in the Pew study shows Islam with a net gain of +3,220,000 believers by 2050 while Christianity ends up with a net loss of about 66,050,000.

Another telling fact that the study found is that by the mid-21st century, four out of 10 Christians will live in sub-Saharan Africa.

If these figures are true, the future of America as a Christian nation does not bode well. Could it be that our first-world comfort and increasing dependence on material things has lulled the United States into a apathetic state of ignorant self-satisfaction?

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