ALERT: Michelle Makes Terrifying Announcement… Things are about to get MESSY!

Make sure you’re sitting down for this announcement, and maybe even grab a box of tissue because there’s about to be a lot of tears going on here soon…

We just got word that there is a high possibility that Queen Michelle Obama will be running for Senate once her husband and our ‘lead from behind’ President Obama leaves office in January.

Sorry. I know this has most likely ruined your day…for some of you, your life. But now you know, and knowledge is power.

This was speculation until the DNC fueled it when they started throwing their sales pitch on Michelle Obama bumper stickers this week.

This was of course in response to her DNC speech that people were so in ‘awe’ about. The woman puts on a good show apparently.

Now Democrats are supposedly pushing Michelle to run for Senate in her home state of Illinois.

Although there is also word that her good friend Valerie Jarrett, an advisor to the president will be the one running for the position.

However knowing our luck with the Obamas, it will in fact be Michelle…because they suck like that.

With Michelle rumored to follow in the footsteps of Hillary Clinton, by running for Senate…people are starting to whisper about the possibility of her even running for President one day. Of course, when that happens… they better have space shuttles, shuttling folks to other inhabitable planets cause there is no way I’ll live through President M. Obama’s reign…

Hillary Clinton went from first lady to the senate, to becoming the freaking secretary of state. So Michelle doing the samething is not too far off base, except for the fact that Michelle has always made it clear she does not like politics and does what she does for her husband out of duty, and belief that she has in him that he can make a change.

He sure can make change. Like men thinking they are women, women thinking they are men…and Police Officers somehow becoming criminals while the ACTUAL criminals have now become the victims. You know, the kind of change that kills innocent people and spreads hatred across our nation like the plague.

But…I digress.

Come January, we shall see what Michelle decides to do. Anything can happen when you’re talking about Democrats…they are always scheming something up and what you see is NEVER what you get.

Except for Hillary. She is evil…and does very good at looking the part too.

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