President Barack Obama recently announced that he was unilaterally changing the immigration laws.

This although he has clearly stated for the record, on numerous occasions, that he has no Constitutional authority to do so.

Using executive action, Obama announced a new “priority system” for deportations, essentially focusing on only criminal illegal immigrants for deportations, while effectively granting a form of amnesty for millions of others.

Obama has even announced changes to the law which put in place certain steps required for the “legalization” of illegals, although he further admitted that “ordinary” illegals wouldn’t be deported even if they didn’t jump through the hoops that he set up.

Now Breitbart is reporting on the flood of illegal immigrants coming out of the woodwork to see if they qualify for Obama’s amnesty.

So-called “workshops” have been set up nationwide in schools, community centers, churches, and Islamic centers.

These workshops, which have been flocked to by thousands of illegals, purportedly give them information about the “required” steps they must complete on a path to legalization.

Although it has been said that Obama’s amnesty will only pertain to some 4-5 million illegal immigrants, others are wondering if it won’t also apply to many of the estimated 7 million other illegal immigrants, since Obama more or less stated that deportations have been deferred for all but violent criminals.

It needs to be noted that some of these amnesty workshops are taking place in Islamic centers and mosques.

While most illegals hail from Mexico and Central America, and thus are generally Hispanic and Catholic, there is also a surprising number of illegal immigrants coming from Islamic countries, as Obama has rolled out the red carpet for all.

The dangers for America that are inherent with Obama’s open borders policy are innumerable.  Hopefully, Congress will get their act together in the coming term and make serious efforts to defund Obama’s amnesty, and make their own changes to the law.

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