ALERT: Obama’s Department Of Justice Has NEW Target- Sheriff David Clarke

There’s nothing a liberal hates more than a black conservative. While they love to give themselves the image of being the Party of diversity, the “dissidents” who realize (and expose) how much of a fraud they truly are is their greatest threat.

Among one of those prominent black conservatives is Sheriff David Clarke, known for his common appearances on Fox News and criticism of the left’s anti-police rhetoric. To little surprise, that has put a target on his back, and not just from liberals in the media. Even Obama’s Justice Department has taken notice.


As I Have the Truth reported:

Gwen Moore a DOJ Rep. has targeted Sheriff Clarke with her request for the Department of Justice to get an independent investigation of the Milwaukee County Jail. This is ‘supposedly’ a response to recent deaths in the facility.

As you know, this is the County Jailhouse that the good Sheriff commands.

The Department of Justice has responded, and have confirmed that they will in fact consider this request.

In the past six months, there has been four deaths at the Milwaukee County Jail, one of those deaths included a newborn baby that was delivered by one of the inmates.

Congresswoman Moore drafted a letter to the Department of Justice and in it stated that the jail is an “unsafe environment” for the inmates that reside there and then dropped the bomb…

She questioned Sheriff Clarke’s competence and suggested these deaths were due to an oversight of the Sheriff’s.


For the record, Gwen Moore is the woman who once argued that we need Planned Parenthood because if poor woman have children, they’ll all have to live in ramen noodles.

When this idiot is the one pointing the finger at Clarke, I think it’s pretty obvious whose side to take…

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