ALERT: Tragedy Strikes Trump Family During Their Vacation In Aspen

President Trump and his family were in Aspen, Colorado this past weekend. Unfortunately, one of his grandchildren broke his leg. A condition report from the hospital is unavailable. But it is known that Secret Service agents went to the emergency room with him shortly after he got his injury.

Tristan is the son of Donald Trump, Jr. Tristan’s aunt Ivanka Trump and her children spent the weekend with him and his immediate family. Prior to the accident Ivanka Trump had been photographed by reporters while she was getting ice cream with her sons Theo, Joseph, and daughter Arabella. They all appeared to be having a good time with one another.

Approximately one hundred Secret Service agents accompanied the family to Aspen as part of their security detail. While the majority of the family was there Ivanka’s husband Jared Kushner was not there as he is an aide to the President. The First Family is entitled to secret service. Not just the President.

The First Family has been one of the redeeming qualities of the President. Many have looked at his very accomplished, successful, and educated children and viewed it as a reflection of him. The family has always appeared to be very close. While on the campaign trail the three oldest siblings often appeared at events with him and on stage.

They are often seen vacationing with one another and always have admirable things to say about each other. All three of his eldest children have also noted their father’s attempts to keep all of the family close despite them all having different mothers. Which they have noted always was successful.

His grandchildren have always been a cute backdrop to his otherwise cantankerous image. The President has not issued any public statement on the incident. Everyone’s prayers are with the Trump family.

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