ALERT: Welfare Leeches Using Tax Dollars to Fund ISIS… But That’s Not All


Surprise surprise!

(Mad World News) The scope of British welfare abuse is far worse than it is in the United States, and apparently the only victim isn’t just the British taxpayer.

According to a recent report, benefits may have gone to the Islamic State group through the family of Jihadi John in spite of the fact that the British government should have stopped it years ago.

The infamous Islamic State terrorist, whose real name is Mohammed Emwazi, came to the United Kingdom as a six-year-old boy. His family claimed that they were fleeing from political persecution in Kuwait and were awarded British citizenship.

The family moved in to a swanky house in London and began bleeding the British taxpayer dry. According to reports, Jasem and Ghaneya Emwazi — Jihadi John’s parents — fleeced the British taxpayer for over $600,000 in benefits.

Neither ever reportedly worked a day during their time in the United Kingdom, although one man who Jasem Emwazi was trying to buy a house from recalls him trying to pay for the house with $450,000 in cash, leading him to believe that Emwazi had side jobs.

It’s as of yet unknown how much of this money had gone to Jihadi John. However, the Emwazis are still collecting $60,000 of British benefits each year in spite of the fact they have moved back to Kuwait — you know, the country where they were being persecuted — in violation of British law.

The landlords of their taxpayer-subsidized houses also didn’t have kind things about the Emwazis, calling them “parasites” and “tenants from hell,” and saying that Jasem was an “aggressive sod.”

Philip Hollobone, a British government official, says this sort of welfare cheating is shocking.

“They are abusing our hospitality,” Hollobone said. “The rules are quite clear. If there has been any abuse of the system here, money should be paid back.” (H/T Mad World News)

Not only are they abusing the system, Mr. Hollobone, they’re possibly using it to fund jihad.

And while the British system is a bit more open to abuse than America’s, we should be vigilant — especially withMuslims in Michigan potentially being instructed how they can get multiple wives on welfare through fraud.

It’s time to clamp down on welfare abuse, for everyone’s sake.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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