ALERT: White Students BANNED From School Event Because of Their Race… Where’s Sharpton?


(Conservative Tribune) Imagine a school hosting a forum entitled “White Lives Matter,” and then imagine the school barring all black students from attending.

Not stop imagining, because the exact opposite scenario occurred late last month at the Illinois-based Oak Park and River Forest High School, where white students were literally prohibited from attending a “Black Lives Matter” forum.

The principal, Nathaniel Rouse, argued that it is better for black students to talk about racial issues only among themselves, so that they are able to “express themselves fully and safely.”

“I found it has been far easier for me to talk about my experiences with racism with individuals that look like me,” he said. “I still struggle myself with talking about my experiences with people who don’t look like me.”

This is reportedly known as the “affinity group method.”

Furthermore, Rouse expressed his hope of hosting similar events in the future for other minorities, including Latinos and Asians. The irony is that, all the while, he clamored that he’s not “trying to be exclusive.”

Funny way to show it.

Regardless, parents are mortified that a school that “prides itself on diversity and inclusion” would resort to such non-inclusive tactics, reported Opposing Views.

The high school responded to this outrage with a news release that touted its commitment “to improving communications in the future” by hosting “other racial affinity groups.”

Would it be fair to ask whether the mission of “improving communications” between the races might be more fruitful were ALL THE RACES to be included in the discussion?

Here’s another question – where the heck is Al Sharpton while this obvious racial discrimination is going on, huh?
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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