All Hell Breaks Loose At G20 After What The Camera Caught The Second Trump Shook Putin’s Hand

President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin meet, reportedly, for the first time EVER. You know what that means right? Besides laughing at the Russian collusion conspiracy theories, it also means every little thing is watched and becomes a big deal. I was hoping Trump would lean in for a kiss on the cheek and set the entire world on fire, but thankfully Trump knows his gender and this one isn’t a bender.

However, people did find at least two things to freak out about. The first is the glorious double hand shake that Trump gave Putin on what is reported as their first handshake ever, because they clearly didn’t shake enough hands during all that Russian collusion, ho hum!

Trump reaches in with the right, Putin goes right, and then Trump slides in with the left, and BOOM! HANDSHAKE! COLLUSION! CONSPIRACY THEORIES! LIBERAL MELTDOWNS!

You’d think this was John Madden giving the obliviously obvious playcall on the last play of closely matched Super Bowl, but nope – just a quick handshake that apparently set the world on a fritz as people analyzed it.

Here’s the handshake between Trump and Putin. Shake it twice and you’re playing with it.

The meeting was preceded by a photo op during which the leaders exchanged comments through translators.

“President Putin and I have been discussing various things, and I think it’s going very well,” Trump said. “We’ve had some very, very good talks.”

Trump has spoken to Putin by phone since his election, but they have not had an official in-person visit before.

These guys can’t even understand each other and leftists cry collusion. It’s hilarious what the left will turn into a big deal or cry about when they lose an election. Meanwhile, they lost the election months ago and they’re STILL CRYING. I can’t believe websites have to cover topics like this. Since when is a handshake something we write news on? I’ll tell ya – ever since the liberals started having meltdowns about everything Trump does.

Sure, they can talk through translators, but who knows if the translators are even saying the right thing. No one knows what they’re saying except for the translators themselves. What if the translators colluded? Wow! Mind blown!

Think about it slowly folks – the left has blamed Trump and Russia for colluding – two guys who don’t speak the same language and are just meeting for the first time. I’m sure their translated emails and phone calls went really well during all that Russian voter fraud. Oh wait, it’s the Democrats who constantly get caught committing voter fraud.

“We’re going to have a talk now and obviously that will continue,”Trump said, adding, “We look forward to a lot of very positive things happening for Russia, for the United States, and for everybody concerned.”

Putin referenced previous phone calls with Trump in his remarks.

“We spoke over the phone … but phone conversations are never enough, definitely,” he said.

Good for Trump and Putin. Two guys speaking different languages trying to make real progress in the world. Meanwhile, back on planet America, you have democrats committing sit-ins, Antifa losers attacking people, and they all speak the same language and can’t make any progress. Why are two people who speak different languages, from different countries, making more progress than people in our homeland? That’s because the left has become intolerant and it’s nearly impossible to work with them. They lack logical thinking skills and they’re like troves of adult babies all being allowed out until the same curfew. They gather and do stupid things like punch a Trump supporter because Trump won the election MONTHS AGO! Have you ever seen someone cry for this long? That’s a lot of liberal tears for Pepe the Frog to swallow. Liberals have cried so much that Pepe the Frog could have babies in a river of liberal tears and elect Trump again in 2020.

Citing an unnamed source, The New York Times reported that Russia had wanted a larger staff presence at the meeting, but the Trump administration wanted a small group to minimize leaks and differing versions of the conversations.

Trump had met with Russian officials in May and then dealt with the fallout from news reports citing numerous versions of what was said in private

Let Trump and Putin hang out in a room by themselves with some translators and everyone else go pour themselves a drink and have a toast to watching liberal snowflakes get triggered into meltdowns over a handshake.

Read more of my news commentary on Freedom Daily and Trending Views. There’s only two genders.

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