ALLAH BOARD: Muslims Show What Allah Means To Them When Train Takes Off During Prayer

From Mad World:

Video is going viral after a few Muslims took some time out on a train platform to conduct their “obligatory” prayer. However, their faith was put to the test when the train started to roll during their time of worship, forcing them to make a choice.

It is unclear where the video took place, but it appears that a few Muslims had a few moments while waiting for their train when it came time for their obligatory prayer. The group of men laid out their prayer rugs and began their ritual. Unfortunately for them, things were about to go differently than they expected.

Just a few seconds after starting, the train whistle could be heard going off before the train began to glide down the tracks. With onlookers watching their dilemma, the men could be seen speeding up while being laughed at.

Just like that, a few of the Muslim men ditched their prayer to Allah and hopped on the train. The others who stayed would all eventually do the same, as they feared missing their ride. One man even forgot his shoes and had to come back for them before trying to catch the last car on the train.

As it turns out, this train doesn’t wait for the Muslim god, and it seems like Allah wasn’t exactly all that important to the men when it came to what they had to do here on earth. That being said, it seems that Muslims have set a precedent for themselves to justify such a circumstance.

According to IslamWeb:

In principle, it is impermissible to interrupt an obligatory prayer abruptly before finishing it. However, if they knew that they would have missed their flight or train as you have mentioned in the question and their tickets were non-refundable or they would have faced trouble or hardship as a result of being late for the flight or train, there is no harm in interrupting the obligatory prayer before finishing it.

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