Alleged Broke Refugees Found On Luxury Yacht On Voyage To Europe (VIDEO)


(Conservative Post) Hundreds of migrants were found aboard a luxury yacht after paying up to $2,500 each for the voyage to Europe.

The 100-foot vessel — which had a regular capacity of about 65 people — was carrying 345 Syrian nationals when it was intercepted just off Tsonia beach on the Greek island of Lesbos on Monday, officials said.


A coast guard source said the 15-year-old boat would cost more than $1 million. How can these “poor refugees” afford such a yacht?

Sources familiar with the investigation said that the refugees on board paid up to $2,500 to make the crossing from Turkey. At that price, the journey could have earned traffickers as much as $862,000. –

H/T: NBC News | Pamela Geller

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