Alleged Gunman In Dallas Hate Crime Killing Is A US Marine (VIDEO)

(STOP HATE CRIMES) A man has been charged with the murder of Sara Mutschlechner. He is Eric Johnson, a US Marine station in Yuma, Arizona.

Sara Mutschlechner was driving friends home from a New Year’s Eve party at 2:00 AM in the Dallas, Texas area. She was the designated driver. A car with five or six black males pulled up next to them and made derogatory comments at the woman. Then one of the males pulled a gun and shot Mutschlechner for the fun of it.

Some local media downplayed the murder as “road rage,” even though there is no evidence that a dispute erupted over anyone’s driving. Several local media outlets also censored the race of the perpetrators.

ABC’s Good Morning America picked up the story, yet they also portrayed it as “road rage.”

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