Allen West Has EPIC Response After Soldiers Told To Hide From ISIS


From Mad World: After ISIS began personally threatening soldiers here on American soil, rather than give them the what-for, the United States military leaders instead instructed soldiers to hide like cowards. Luckily for us, not everyone lives in fear, as Allen West has recently come forward with the words America should have said all along.

There’s no doubting that Obama’s efforts to downplay the threat of ISIS – even going so far as to refer to them as jayvee – has only allowed them to grow in strength and numbers. However, it’s been his handicapping of the military that has allowed for the threat to prosper the most.

As Mad World News previously reported, ISIS has instructed lurking terrorists on American soil so keep an eye out for soldiers so that militants could come to their houses and “slaughter” them later. The Washington Times reports, “The military command in charge of protecting the U.S. homeland has sent a message to troops, warning them to hide family information from terrorist groups that are trying to frighten them.”

In fact, one of the specific recommendations for soldiers and veterans in America by the U.S. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) was as follows:

“Minimize your profile by blending into the local community. Limit outward signs of DoD affiliation … Vehicle stickers, home decorations, using military slang in public.

However, in a recent article written by Allen West, he proves why he’s a national hero as he had quite the response:

If any of you attack our military or their families here or anywhere, you will be hunted down and killed. We are currently expediting concealed weapons permits for all active duty military and their families — as well as reserve component troops on active duty. Our men and women are not targets — YOU are, and anyone providing comfort and aid to Islamic terrorists will be dealt with appropriately.

This is the exact kind of mentality that we need to have when it comes to threats on our nation and its people. Unfortunately, for the time being, we’re stuck with a spineless man in office, who would rather bow to the religion of Islam in the name of tolerance.

There is, however, another option – We the People take back the power of this land and evict the worthless resident of the highest office. It’s time we had someone a little less concerned with political ramification and more concerned with the people he’s sworn to protect.

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