Allen West makes a bold gun rights statement with his new tattoo forever inked on his forearm


Former Florida Congressman Allen West showed off his newest tattoo today that inked his stance on gun rights as permanent. He got the “Molon Labe”  inscription on his forearm, which makes a bold statement about his character and dedication to America.

From the Washington Times:

Aces High Tattoo shop posted the evidence on Instagram, with Mr. West showing off a “Molon Lab” tattoo on his right forearm, the Daily Caller reported Friday.

The Greek phrase is popular among second amendment supporters for its expression of defiance. It is believed that when the Persian King Xerxes demanded Sparta’s King Leonidas and his army to lay down their weapons at the battle of Thermopylae, Leonidas replied, “Molon Labe,” which translates “Come and take [them].”

The phrase was also popular motto during the Texas revolution and is now touted on t-shirts for gun rights activists.




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