ALLEN WEST: I’m Going To Be Offline For Awhile And I Need To Let You Know Why…

You may have seen Allen West at Trump Tower a few times recently, fueling speculation that he’s in the running for the position of VA secretary.

One place you won’t see him for the next week however is on the internet, as the man is going to be offline until the New Year.

According to West on his website

Today is the birthday of my wife Angela’s father, but please keep him and Angela’s family in prayer as her dad isn’t doing well health-wise. He was hospitalized the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and his condition has continued to deteriorate. So, we shall be in San Antonio to spend time with her dad, a career Army Soldier, retired Master Sergeant, with two tours in Vietnam as an infantryman.

Ironically, tomorrow, Saturday, Christmas Eve is the 27th wedding anniversary for Angela and me. It was Christmas Eve, December 24, 1989, that Angela and I were married at Big Bear Lake in the mountains above San Bernardino, California. And of course, the next day we remember the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the reason for the season, Christmas.

So, I’ll be off the net for awhile and it’s important we take the time to cherish family.

However, I want to just remind y’all that the world is not one of unicorns and rainbows, and sadly much of the last eight years of the Obama administration has led to this deplorable state of global security.

In cherishing our families over this Christmas, remember those who stand on freedom’s rampart on guard to keep our enemies at a distance. Those men and women in uniform are the embodiment of the sacrifice for which Christ was born for us all. Christ sacrificed for our eternal life…our American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines sacrifice for our daily earthly lives. To those families who will be missing a loved one who has made the ultimate sacrifice, the last full measure of devotion, we can never say enough to heal the pain you feel. What we all can do, is let you know how much we love you, our Gold Star Families.

We must remain vigilant, resolute, and steadfast for the wolves do gather. And as the sheep rant about, uttering that incessant and disturbing noise, we the guard dogs are ready to defend, and attack, against the wolves, who do not rest this Christmas season.

How awesome would it be to have West in charge of the VA when he returns? Lt. Col. West has a long and storied history of defending our nation and defending those under his care – even to his own detriment. He is exactly the kind of man that we should seek to press into public office, because he always puts his constituents before himself.

We’ll be keeping his family in our prayers, and wish him the best politically.

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