Allen West just called out President Barack Obama for his hypocritical comments about the Ferguson race riots and the “rule of law.”

West took to Facebook to make his remarks Monday night.

He posted them shortly after the president made his initial comments about the Ferguson grand jury decision, despite having reportedly not watched the news conference byprosecuting attorney Robert McColloch.

Since the president has proven time after time that he has no interest in the rule of law, clearly his motive for making his announcement lay elsewhere, and West thinks he know where:


The post-partisan president playing politics? Say it isn’t so!

After months of a midterm campaign in which Democrats begged the president to shut up and stay out of sight, this most narcissistic of executives simply cannot help himself.

He is compelled to insert himself into the public limelight at every opportunity.

There is no particular reason, for example, to announce his executive order on immigration reform when he did, and several good reasons not to, not the least of which was the opportunity to foster amity with the new Republican-controlled Congress.

This is true even when, as West points out, there are more pressing matters that deserve the president’s attention — such as keeping Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

But he can’t stay out of the spotlight, and he doesn’t want to sign a congressional bill, even if it were to give him everything he asked for.

He’d rather do it alone and have the glory — or the attention, at least — for himself.

Only someone who hasn’t been paying much attention to this president over the last six years could expect him to remain silent about Ferguson — much as we might wish him to.


Courtesy of Conservative Tribune

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