ALLEN WEST: This Video Could Get Trump ELECTED If It Goes VIRAL…

A video was posted on the social media site Facebook of Donald Trump that spans decades. Many are saying it’s the key to his winning. The secret card in his back pocket he can pull.

During an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 1987, when asked about running for President, Trump said,

“Probably not. I do get tired of seeing the country be ripped apart. I just don’t really think I have the inclination to do it. What I’m doing, I really like it. But you know I just probably wouldn’t do it Oprah. But I do get tired of seeing what’s happening with this country. I would never want to rule it out totally. Because I’m really tired of seeing what’s happening with this country. How were really making other people live like kings and were not “

At the 1988 Republican Convention he said,

“The people I do best with are the people who drive the taxis. You know wealthy people don’t like me. Because I’m competing against them all the time. And they don’t like me. And I like to win. The fact is I go down the streets of New York and the people who really like me are the taxi drivers and the workers etc etc.”

On the Iraq war in 2004 he said,

“You know nobody talks about the soldiers that are coming back with no arms and no legs. And I saw at Mar-a-lago, on Monday, I let returning Iraqi injured soldiers Coke to the premises. He most beautiful people I’ve ever seen. But they’re missing arms and legs and they’re with their wives sometimes their with their girlfriends and the tears are coming down the faces of these people.”

His persona in the media is a cold, narcissistic, sociopath who doesn’t care about others, but this video certainly depicts something else.

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Contributors: Rory Grant, Jeff Rainforth.

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