REPORT: Here’s Alton Sterling’s Dark Past That The Media Isn’t Reporting (COURT DOCS)

After the death of Alton Sterling the liberal left has chosen to paint it as a discriminatory case of police brutality. Despite the fact Sterling was reaching for a gun in his pocket. However, the mainstream media has failed to report his extensive criminal record which includes battery, assault, theft, domestic abuse, and the fact he is a registered sex offender. found his court documents that reveal the truth about Sterling’s character, or lack thereof.

In 2009, during a wrestling match with a police officer who he refused to listen to, a semi-automatic gun fell from his waistband. Sterling was sent to prison in 2000 for getting a 14-year-old girl pregnant. Real classy. reported,

“The document says that Sterling, then 20, had been dating the victim for about seven months and having sexual intercourse with her in her bedroom, the charging document says he admitted to the mother having sex with her daughter and exhibited an ‘I don’t care’ attitude.”

Here are the documents:

AS Court Documents by Heavy on Scribd

Alton eventually failed to register as a sex offender. Other charges include trying to distribute drugs, illegally possessing a firearm and breaking and entering a woman’s home.

Sterling was a dangerous criminal whose actions and behavior could not be predicted by police. That means that it’s very likely the shooting of Alton Sterling had more to do with the officer’s genuine and valid fear of what he might do, rather than any racial bias because he was African-American.

Of course, liberal media, and their progressive politicians, have chosen to run with the narrative that this was based on police brutality, and that it stemmed from so called “systemic racism.”

Unfortunately, the left is incapable of acknowledging the real root of the problem, which is that Alton was a violent criminal who was a danger to the community he was a part of.

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