Fed-Up American Confronts Muslims, Shows Them What He Thinks Of Islam

A man from Arizona spoke with reporters from the BBC and he did not hold back his opinions about a Muslims and Islam.

The man was the founder of BombIslam.com who outspokenly talks about the danger of Islam in an uncensored way.

He goes by the name Robert and he spends his Fridays taking videos of himself confronting Muslims in Phoenix.

He walks up to local Muslims right outside of their mosques asking them questions about their faith with the Quran in his hand. His videos are often controversial and confrontational. When he spoke to the reporters with the BBC they were horrified. Robert called out Islam and said that their prophet Muhammad was a war mongering tyrant pedophile who married female child brides. That’s not going to sit well with many people, LOL!

Robert said,

What we’re doing right now is we’re going to do a little protest…me and a few of my friends that lets these Muslims know that they’re not going to get comfortable here in my state.”

The BBC reporters were not impressed with his comments or actions. They called Robert’s group and website an anti Islamic hate group. That analysis is not remotely shocking at all. The BBC journalist narrated as Robert defaced the Quaran! Saying,

Robert rips out a page of the Quran… under UK law, these extreme protesters could be arrested for religious hatred. But America’s First Amendment protects Robert’s freedom of speech.”

When another reporter from another outlet asked for Robert’s opinions on his interaction with the BBC reporter he went off on a tyrade. He clearly was not at all impressed with the British reporters. Seems as though the feeling was entirely mutual. Well, then no worries about hard feelings! Robert said,

I told these guys if I were a British person, I would feel it was my duty to overthrow my government. When they asked if I owned a gun, I pulled out a gun right then and there and put it on the table. We ate at a place called Raising Canes, which serves chicken tenders, but one of the British dudes was a vegetarian so he could only eat fries and coleslaw (hahaha). 

I knew the entire time, their documentary was going to be biased against guys like me, but I knew what I was doing and knew more people would like my protest than dislike it. They titled it “United States of Hate: Muslims under attack” or some sh*t like that. It’s still hilarious to me every time I watch it. I couldn’t have filmed and edited it better myself. They basically made my video for me that day.”


Robert regularly updates his websites and goes on rants against the religion of Islam. Some are even video rants. While everyone certainly is on edge with the growing levels of Islamic radical terrorism his videos seem very far to the right. Labeling his videos as hate group propaganda isn’t necessarily an incorrect statement. Nobody stands outside of churches or synagogues berating people about their Christian or Jewish faith with a bible in hand to degrade and defile their faith. That is just over the top.

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