American-Hating Democrats Are ANGRY Over The New Patriotic Budweiser Beer Can Design… Here’s Who They’re Blaming

It was recently announced that, in light of the upcoming Summer Olympics and the presidential elections, Anheuser-Busch InBev would make patriotic changes to the labeling of their Budweiser beer, essentially renaming it “America” for the next several months.

Of course, patriotic displays and odes to America never sit well with America-hating liberals, who were utterly outraged by the new can design and placed the blame for it squarely on the shoulders of billionaire businessman and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

Apparently confusing Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan with anything else related to America, the perpetually offended progressives over at the New Republic blasted the patriotic Budweiser marketing campaign as “stupid,” and entirely the fault of Trump, never mind the fact that Budweiser is owned by a Belgian-Brazilian corporate conglomerate.

“This stupid Budweiser campaign is Donald Trump’s fault,” the New Republic raged. “If we think of the U.S. presidential election season not only as a grand exercise in democracy, but as a vast proving ground for how to sell a message to millions of Americans, then Trump’s campaign is surely being studied by every marketing agency in the country.”

“The secret to his success, and the main rhetorical innovation he has brought to presidential politics, is to dispel subtlety altogether and make subtext text,” they concluded.

They were of course joined in their denunciation of Budweiser and America by fellow America-hating liberals on Twitter, such as these two proud citizens.


Fortunately, their anti-Americanism was called out on social media by those who actually still love the country they live in and appreciate the patriotism displayed by Budweiser, even from those that don’t necessarily care for the beer.

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