American Islamist: Attack In U.S. Killing Women And Children Wouldn’t Be Terrorism (VIDEO)


France’s terror attacks have brought on the fear that radical sleeper cells have been awaken throughout the world. There is also a disturbing trend among young Islamic men. It is estimated that 3,000 Westerner men have gone to Syria and Iraq to join the jihad.

Clarissa Ward of CBS’s Face the Nation travelled to Syria and met a young American jihadist from the midwest.  She asked him if he would support a terrorist attack in America, regardless if it killed innocent American women and children.

“I wouldn’t consider it a terrorist attack. What I consider terrorism is tomahawk bombs being shot and killing innocent people,” he said.

ISIS has reached out and told Muslims to use what ever they have that their disposal to go out and kill. This threat could make attacks, like those in France, more common.
—Courtesy of Weasel Zippers + WFB

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