American Muslim Teen Tweets PICS of 100 Military Members and Tells Followers To Do UNTHINKABLE!

A teen from Pennsylvania who was indicted on terrorism charges got charged with more following his posting on social media the names of 100 United States military members. He encouraged his followers to kill them.

The man is a 19 year old named Jalil Aziz who asked his followers to, “kill them in their own lands, behead them in their own homes, stab them to death as they walk their street thinking that they are safe.”

The indictment was filed in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in federal court. Aziz posted the names, addresses, branches and photographs of the military members he mentioned. He used over 50 different Twitter accounts to spew his violent and hateful rhetoric.

Aziz was previously charged in December. He encouraged his followers to join him in travelling to the Middle East to join ISIS.

His attorney Thomas Thornton referred to Aziz’s actions as “teenage stupidity”. However, Aziz is a 19 year old man legally allowed to be charged as an adult. However, teenage stupidity seems like a very generous term to refer to his actions.

Teenage stupidity is skipping class to go make out in the parking lot with your girlfriend, teenage stupidity is driving alone when you’ve still got a learners permit, teenage stupidity is smoking cigarettes behind the baseball field. Encouraging people to commit murder on behalf of a terrorist organization is treason.

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