American Special Forces In ISIS Capital of Syria Just Gave a BIG F***K YOU To ISIS!

Photos were released on Twitter from Raqqa, Syria. Raqqa has largely been in the press and known for being the stronghold headquarters of ISIS. It has thus been the center for military airstrikes by numerous Arab countries as well as Russia, the United States, and France. Look at the photos below.

American soldiers were able to get access to some buildings and homes in Raqqa, Dhria and raised American flags after doing so. One building was a telecommunications hub. The buildings were in the north of the AlMonbtah village.

Some of the comments to the pictures are the following,

“Mongo Loyd: I predict some officers will be “retiring” soon, and some enlisted people will face court martials. I’m reminded of that soldier who prevented child abuse by the muzz and he was convicted.

Tiredofit: God keep them safe. I hope Obama doesn’t have rules of engagement that basically tie their hands and give ISIS the advantage.

HockeyShark: Muzzies are nothing but p*****s. When confronted with a strong military presence, they turn into the scared, little girls they are. Too bad our armed forces are being restrained by a king p***y.

ProudlyDeplorableAltair: Oh, to see a Confederate Battle Flag run up as well.
Just to hear the offended screams of the butthurt liberals.

ProudlyDeplorableAltair: That’s going to piss of some government bureaucrats, assorted liberals and the IS. But no one important.

CopperJohn: That is AWESOME…their careers are finished…”

It is always nice when you can get a passive aggressive snub that you know will upset the person you so desperately want to. This flag job will no doubt upset some radical jihadists in Raqqa. But most importantly it a big slap in the face and an even bolder statement. The U.S. is here and we are here to stay. We aren’t going anywhere and your days are numbered until we find you.

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