While American Students Are STUCK With Tuition, These Illegals Brag About Getting $300,000+

How can you openly brag about being in this country illegally and receive praise? It’s a sad fact that in Obama’s America, being an illegal immigrant in the news is more likely to get them an invite to the White House than an invite to prison.

Here’s the latest trend: illegal students bragging about attending American universities on the taxpayer’s dime. Infowars reports:

While the country is broke and Americans whose forefathers founded this nation and paid into the system for generations are being saddled with massive student debt, illegal immigrants are getting $282,220 scholarships and bragging about it on twitter.



California, Minnesota, New Mexico, Texas and Washington all give illegal aliens millions in financial aid. Many states allow illegals (like the ones who rioted last week in San Jose) to get in-state tuition, which is subsidized by taxpayers.

Oh, and to no surprise, Hillary Clinton is completely on board with this:

Meanwhile, the graduating class of 2016 will be paying off their loans for decades to come.

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