American Uprising

Illegals prepare to invade the United States in search of democrat handouts


[sociallocker]It’s clear that Obama refuses to purge his incompetent socialist agenda political appointees. Although without hesitation, he fires our military’s top leadership because they represent American exceptionalism, which contradicts Obama’s social Justice collectivist agenda. Obama’s White House is nothing more than a business of collectivist ideology who are destroying highly credentialed military capability. Our military were gutted for the empowerment of our enemies and the reduction of American military capabilities.

Americans witnessed 197 Senior Military Commanders fired and now our military are being gutted so the welfare state can overtake the labor market for the creation of Obama’s dream of socialism. Numbers USA reports 30,000 soldiers to be fired over the next 17 months so Obama’s illegal alien dreamers can enlist at the same time. Again, Obama compromises military ethos by firing our heroes and replacing then with illegal citizen dreamers. Could this be because Obama was raised in Indonesia? I thought you had to have a security clearance to become President of the United States?[/sociallocker]


This is Obama’s ideology of equal opportunity. This is an evil hidden agenda of the Islamic Trojan horse caliphate on the White House Agenda list of America’s destruction. Obama cannot conquer America by his scimitar sword, so his agenda is to conquer America by national debt. CBO estimates $144 trillion in unfunded liabilities will bring an upcoming American class war. Could this be Obama’s strategy for declaring Marshall Law? If so, join your local state militia. Stand your ground.

The Black community has a larger poverty rate under Obama’s policies, while at the same time Obama is recruiting a larger democrat voter base from Obama’s inhumane Central American infiltration. No worries though, thousands of these illegals will join MS13 and have working class American taxpayer money pay for three meals a day with free room and board in a prison near you live. Oh wait, looks like this hurts everybody in the labor market and the welfare state. Say no to amnesty.

Obama’s failed foreign policies have created a new reality for Stratcom Chief Navy Admiral Cicil D. Haney. Our top brass has to deal with weak Executive Branch leadership. American Valkyrie possible? No, it’s probable.

“Navy Adm. Cecil D. Haney said extremist organizations, significant regional unrest, protracted conflicts, budgetary stresses and competition for natural resources could have strategic implications for the United States and the world.”

President Obama’s abolished the US nuclear arsenal by one-third, while allowing Iran obtain nuclear firepower. “While terrorism remains the most direct threat to our nation — particularly weapons of mass destruction” – Navy Adm. Cecil D. Haney

“Some nations continue to invest in long-term modernization with strategic capabilities, he added, some are replacing their older systems, while others are modernizing based on their perceived need in the geopolitical situation. He cited India, Pakistan, Russia, Iran, North Korea and China as examples of nations developing modern military capabilities” -Navy Adm. Cecil D. Haney

Join your local state militia. Let’s have Harry Reid add more labels for us veterans to his domestic terrorist watch list. They know we won’t vote democrat, maybe MS13 is Harry Reid’s militia. War is coming.


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