(From Rare) Jordan Matson, an Army vet from Wisconsin, made headlines last week when his Facebook page revealed he had traveled to the Middle East to fight against the Islamic State.

Two weeks after he arrived, Matson spoke to a reporter about why he joined the Kurdish fighters.

“I got sick of everyone saying how bad it was but doing nothing about it. I made up my own mind to come over here and do something about it,” he said.

Matson noted that he was recovering in a hospital from a small wound, and was eager to rejoin the Kurds.

Matson was always interested in the plight of the Kurdish people, and joined them after a digital vetting process in the middle of September.

“They don’t pay me, but they treat me like family. If I need anything, they look after me,” Matson said.

He plans to stay with the Kurds until the fight against the Islamic State is over.


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