Americans Are Horrified After Noticing This Hidden Design In The White House Fence

Big man in the White House, Mr. Obama, kept having weirdos hop over the White House fence, so he did what any other American (or Kenyan) would do. He had the fence made to be higher. That sounds normal right? Of course it does. When people in the neighborhood illegally invade your territory or home, then you want to keep them out. So naturally you build a fence high enough that they can’t jump over.

That’s what Obama did. He had the fence that surrounds the White House constructed to be higher and it has quite a suspicious design to boot.

However, there’s something fishy about the design of the fence that has people looking deeper into its hidden meaning. Take a look and tell me if you notice what this is.

muslim fence

Any idea? Let’s just say that your notion that Obama is a Muslim is starting to look more real by the inch. This fence is very similar in design to a Muslim mosque.

This fits right in with the idea that Obama is a Muslim and fits well with his intent to bring all the refugees to America, as if our crime rate wasn’t bad enough with places like Chicago tilting the axis of black on black murder rates.

CONSERVATIVE TRIBUNE – Recently, the fence was made even higher in an attempt to stop people from jumping over it on a regular basis, but radio host Andrea Shea King noted that the fence has “suspicious” designs in it that look like the spires of Muslim mosques.

According to these people, the designs in the fence are similar to those seen on Mosques from the Ottoman Empire, and some are claiming that this is, naturally, because President Barack Obama is a Muslim trying to subtly inform America’s enemies about his true religion.

Let’s not forget that everyone criticized Donald Trump for his “Wall” inception, but you have people like Obama raising the fence on his big house, then Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook building a massive wall around his place in Hawaii.

All these people surrounding themselves by walls and fences, but people have the nerve to criticize someone from doing the same thing on a bigger scale?

You don’t have to like Donald Trump to understand that people criticizing his every move are often already doing the same thing he’s doing, just on a smaller scale.

Do you have a fence or wall around your house or yard? Why?

Then what’s wrong with one around the country?

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