Amputee Vet Was Singing a Song When a Woman Did The Unthinkable


(abc6/Mad World News)A well-known amputee veteran went to the Philadelphia Eagles game on Sunday, where he’s known for singing for other fans outside of the stadium, when a woman approached him and did the unthinkable.

Sonny Forriest Jr. said that around 8:30 at night in the parking lot of Lincoln Financial Field a drunk woman decked out in Eagle’s gear randomly jumped on his lap and broke his microphone, but it’s what she did after that really shocked him, according to ABC6. She did apologize to Forriest for breaking the microphone and offered to pay for it as well, but then took off.

“She said, ‘I will pay you for it.’ I said, ‘That’s alright baby go ahead and have a good time,’ and then she disappeared,” said Forriest.

Then out of nowhere, Forriest said he saw the woman, who he described as in her early 20’s, darting through the parked cars with his prosthetic leg in hand.

Forriest told the news outlet that it had been sitting on the side of his wheelchair when she snagged it. When it starts to bother him, he likes to remove it, which happened to be unfortunate timing for him in this case.

Fortunately for Forriest, SEPTA officials found his missing limb around midnight on one of the subway trains, and it was returned to him, so not all was lost.

He also said that while there’s surveillance video of the theft, he really doesn’t think anybody deserves to go to jail over the incident.

“One day she’s going to get old… I hope she doesn’t get in a position when she’s disabled or anything, but she’s going to have to look back on this thing,” Forriest told ABC.

Our veterans go through enough without having to deal with people like this. Personally, I would love to see her locked up for awhile. Harmless prank or not, prosthetics are expensive and there’s a chance it could have been gone forever.


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