AND IT BEGINS: Muslim Olympian Arrested In Rio For Raping 2 Women


Did you hear the joke about the Rio Olympics and their filthy disgusting toxic water? How about the joke where a Moroccan Olympic boxer raped some chambermaids?

Well good thing they aren’t jokes! There really is toxic water at the Olympics and a 22-year-old Moroccan boxer really did get accused of rape.

Takes a special kind of person to care about the Olympics, a really stupid person to swim in diseased water, but a really disgusting creep to be IN the Olympics AND TRY TO RAPE SOMEONE! First time I’ve ever heard of this guy and now I associate his name with rape. Kinda like that rapist swimmer kid who hooked up with a sleeping girl behind a dumpster. Maybe these guys can run a train on each other in prison.

moroccan boxer

Daily Mail – A Moroccan boxer has been arrested on suspicion of attempting to rape two chambermaids in the Olympic Village in Brazil.

Hassan Saada was detained by police this morning over claims he attempted to sexually assault the two women in the athletes’ accommodation at Barra de Tijuca.

The 22-year-old athlete will miss out of competing in the games following allegations that he sexually assaulting two Brazilian domestic maids at the Olympic Village.

I couldn’t care less about the Olympics. Call me un-American if you want, but who the heck cares?

The last time I cared about the Olympics was when the Dream Team dominated the planet and I had every player card from Jordan to Bird and even that goofy guy Chris Mullin.

It’s like a participation award for all the sports that no one cares about, like swimming and women’s basketball. It’s on every four years because if it was on every year, no one would care. And no matter what the WNBA ever does, no one wants to watch girls play basketball.

People get all crazed for the Olympic medal count to make sure America wins gold, which is cool, but barely any of us could name anyone in any of the sports.

I was hoping the filthy games in Rio would be canceled, that way no one has to bring home some rotten infectious disease.

…or get raped.

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