Angry Black Teen Attacks White Teacher And The Teacher FIGHTS BACK (VIDEO)


From Daily Mail

A Texas teacher suffered minor injuries when she was attacked in her classroom by a 16-year-old after she corrected the female student while she was giving a presentation at Skyline High School.

The Dallas Independent School District has not named the student or the teacher, but a video that was taken of the incident was posted on Twitter on November 19.

The tweet was captioned: ‘Skyline going down the drain so fast bro.’

In the video, the student and teacher can be seen standing toe to toe and then the girl appears to slap the teacher in the face with her right hand.

After the slap hit home, the teacher and student both appeared to strike each other and then they began to grapple.

Both individuals ended up on top of a desk while other students in the classroom watched in shock.

The teacher said she plans to press charges, according to CBS Dallas.

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