Ann Coulter SHREDS A Clueless Pro-Illegal Immigrant Liberal On LIVE TV, She’s RUTHLESS!

Ann Coulter appeared on a Fox News with a pro illegal immigrant liberal and annihilated him with only her words. She is known for her pro immigration and border wall policy opinions. Her opinions about illegal immigration are almost identical to that of the Republican Presidential nominees, Donald Trump.

The argument is that illegal immigration and lack of initiative to combat it causes an increase in violent crime, gang violence, drugs, murder, and rape to name a few. Which is why Donald Trump is known for promoting the idea of building a massive wall spanning the entire Mexican American border.

Coulter wrote a book on immigration, where she expressed support for legal immigration just not illegal, then she appeared on Hannity to discuss it. On the show she went head to head with Francisco Hernandez. He’s a pro illegal immigration liberal who thinks we should admit everyone who comes knocking on America’s door.

Watch the video below,

In response to Coulter’s statements and opinions in the segment about the poorest of the poor not loving or wanting to be Americans Hernandez says,

“I don’t disagree with you on that, why don’t we control. Of course we have to control it. But Ms. Coulter, Mr. Hannity I’m not ready to throw in the towel on America, America is still the single most powerful country in this world.

People are literally dying to come here what do you mean they don’t want to be Americans? Of course they want to be Americans. That’s why they’re leaving their corrupt governments and their unemployment and their disease and their famine. To come here cause you know what we’ve got the opportunity. 

Why do we have to be so negative. Statistics, she throws these statistics. Listen I think she’s a fine person.”

Coulter said,

“Look the fact that people want to come here is great. I’d like to live in the Popes mansion that doesn’t mean they have to let me move in. We should have some control over this. There are trillions of people who want to move to America and we can’t take them all.

[interruption] Hey! Still talking. You’ve got to stop mumbling throughout everything I say. It’s very irritating. There are trillions of poor people in the world. Their shouldn’t be an advantage. Why are we discriminating in favor of those who happen to live within walking distance. They’re poor people in Bangladesh,they’ve got cholera, are we going to take all of them? No, we’re going to discriminate against them.”

Coulter wasn’t going to be interrupted that’s for sure. Throughout the interview she kept saying “still talking” while her liberal counterpart attempted to interrupt.

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