Anonymous Hacked Sarah Silverman’s Twitter Account Then Posted This Video To Her Page! OMG!

The anonymous group Anonymous sent out a new viral video with the message, “America are you Awakening?” They hacked actress Sarah Silverman’s account and sent out the video through her. Which is ironic because she is a former fervent Bernie Sanders supporter turned Hillary Clinton endorser who just spoke at the Democratic National Convention. Clearly the group has got a good sense of humor.

During her Democratic National Convention speech she said,

“Can I just, to the Bernie or Bust people, you’re being ridiculous.”

It was alongside a hashtag that said #Hilary4Prison and #Anonymous. The tweet was eventually deleted and can no longer be seen. Silverman wasn’t too pleased with what happened and went straight to social media to tell the world the truth.

The video lasts four minute long and primarily features a many in a Guy Fawkes mask arguing that Hillary Clinton lied and misrepresented her motives behind her entire presidential campaign.

“You act like you will benefit the human collective and many believe and blindly support you. But we know your real intentions, your real motives, and your real plans.”

Anonymous has not only declared war on Hillary Clinton but previously Donald J. Trump as well. They have played a role, however small, in the 2016 presidential election. They haven’t commented yet on Senator Bernie Sanders and likely won’t considering he dropped out of the race and through his support behind the corrupt Hillary Clinton.

What would truly be the most interesting is if Sarah Silverman were in it all along and gave permission to Anonymous to post the video. Although that is highly unlikely, playing nefarious back room games is the name of the game for Democrats. It is highly unlikely that that is the case. But none the less it is incredibly embarrassing for such a staunchly liberal Hollywood celebrity.

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