Another Cop Ambushed and Executed, Police Chief Lashes Out And Blames This One Group! (VIDEO)

Just this week, six police officers have been shot since last Saturday. On Sunday, Detective Ben Marconi was ambushed and assassinated while on a traffic stop – he was sitting in his patrol car when Otis McKane walked up and shot him in the head at point blank range. A St. Louis police officer was ambushed and shot in the face; a Florida officer was on a traffic stop when he was ambushed in a drive by and shot in the shoulder; and a Gladstone, MO officer was also shot. On Tuesday, a Wayne State University officer was shot in the head. Also on Tuesday a Volusia County K9 was shot and killed. On Wednesday, Boston Police officers were intentionally run over by a suspect. This is the war on cops in horrific relief.

Officer Rose at Wayne University was shot in the head while interviewing a suspect on a bike, who was believed to be breaking into vehicles. There was no warning… the guy just pulled a gun and shot him. After surgery and valiantly fighting for his life, Officer Rose has now passed away. This is the influence and work of Black Lives Matter. They are hunting down police officers across the nation and executing them. The media doesn’t care at all. You would think six officers shot in one week would be newsworthy.

From Mad World News:

Wayne University Police Officer Collins Rose, 29, was shot in the head while looking for a man on a bike. Residents around Wayne University in Detroit had reported a suspicious man possibly breaking into vehicles. The next thing reported was Rose talking with a man on a bike when shots rang out. The suspect arrested in the Collins shootings is well known to police. Deangelo Davis, 31, had a history of confrontation with officers, according to ABC News.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig linked the attack to other police shootings across the country in recent days, saying, “It appears a similar type of situation here, an investigation and a suspect, for no apparent reason, decides to shoot an officer. So it’s very troubling. It’s a sad day, and we’re just hoping for his recovery.”

Officers and police chiefs are laying the blame for all this directly on Black Lives Matter… right where it belongs. Before all this started, being a police officer was a high risk job, but being shot and killed on the job was a rare occurrence. Not anymore. Every time an officer puts on their uniform and badge now, they have to wonder if they are coming home that night. Barack Obama has done nothing to stop this or even slow it down. In fact, his actions have egged it on.

Officer Rose is gone now at the ripe old age of 29. He leaves behind a grief-stricken fiance. Rose was a canine officer who named his partner “Wolverine” in memory of fallen DPD Officer Patrick Hill. “Wolverine” was Hill’s code name. He died in October 2013 after being shot in the line of duty by a murder suspect in April of that year. Now Rose follows him into the afterlife. Rose was with the Wayne State University Police Department for five years. Officials say a Wayne State University police officer has not been shot in 36 years.


Slain Detective Benjamin Marconi (left), Officer Jarder Slocum of the El Cajon Police Department (right) shot in neck while on duty.
Slain Detective Benjamin Marconi (left), Officer Jarder Slocum of the El Cajon Police Department (right) shot in neck while on duty.
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