ANOTHER Media Narrative Fail: Castile Had Gun In His Lap, Failed To Comply To Do Not Move Order, Just Robbed A Liquor Store!

Remember the viral Live-stream Video of Lavish ‘Diamond’ Reynolds this past week? She was calm and composed as her boyfriend was dying from gunshot wounds in the passenger seat of her car.

Knowing more information really sheds some light on the portion of the story told in the video.

Philando Castile is a gang member with picture after picture of himself making vague “C” gestures and poses, who is part of a Crips Facebook group, who posts Facebook statuses referencing Crips… who had matched the description of a guy of a wanted suspect. WAIT! He WAS that wanted suspect who had just robbed a liquor store.

Well, I was fooled by the video too but the first time I watched it I failed to see he had a gun sitting on his lap.

As time is passing we are seeing how these two known #BlackLivesMatter activists may have set this entire thing up just to stir the #BLM movement. How many people who saw the video will know the entire story? I doubt many will know the real story… the damage has been done, hearts are hardened and fearful of police and police officers are dead because of this dishonest web of lies by Ms. Reynolds.

Jeronimo Yanez, the officer who shot Castile, told his side of story. The story is NOTHING like you heard from Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond.

Matt Finn at FOX News (Via Gateway Pundit):

“Yanez’s attorney says not only did the officer react to the presence of a gun, he tells us that Castile that day failed to comply with a “do not move” order. Officer Yanez ultimately told Castile “do not move” and that he failed to comply with that order and that there was apparently a visible gun. We also went back and looked at the Facebook video and there are certain freeze frames that might indicate a gun on Castile’s lap. I spoke to the attorney of the officer and he said it would not be far fetched to assume that could very well be the gun on his lap because he said his client, the officer, actively responded to the presence of a gun. We have also heard police scanner audio… And that audio appears to indicate that the officer was telling dispatch that the day that the day he pulled that car over that he was pulling the car over because Castile fit the description of a wanted suspect in an armed robbery just a few days prior… The attorney said this would be a valid investigatory stop. The officer went as far as to describe Castile before he got out of the car fitting the description of that wanted suspect… Also, on a side note, the officer Yanez is Mexican according to his attorney.”

Philando Castile already had a record despite what Lavish Reynolds said in the video. I guess my question is… did Philando rob the liquor store to get pulled over to get something started so Lavish could film it? Was this ALL a #BLM setup to get famous and go viral? In any case they sure didn’t plan that either would die. It is all very unfortunate but it still stands that people who rob liquor stores are increasing their chances of bad things happening. I have a novel idea… how about NOT robbing, NOT smoking pot and NOT being in a gang? You want to increase your chances of NOT running in with the law? It’s simple … as easy as common core math.
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