Another NFL Player LASHES Out at Kaepernick, and Totally DESTROYS HIM!

We all know that the NFL ratings are dropping, and they are blaming the election for it more than they are the “Colin Kaepernick Plague” however, we know the truth. It’s not because all the sudden America has become too busy to follow the season, nor is it due to the election, at least not in all parts.

It is because when you disrespect our country, it’s hard for good Americans to respect you. It was not a good move to take that knee…and start this meltdown of ‘common sense’ …. especially when we don’t need the NFL. Nope. They need us.

It’s not that protesting is the issue, although annoying as it is still a 1st Amendment right, and that’s comforting to know. However, no one comes hope from their long day at work or sits down after a long day of being a domestic Goddess at home…to tune in and watch their favorite sport and pass time turned into a political swamp. The same political swamp you had to deal with all…the…day…long. That you were hoping to just escape to escape from and get down with some good ‘ol Monday night football!

But…no. They couldn’t just let it be. EVERYTHING these days has to be politicized because…FEELINGS.

Well, here’s some information for THAT American, the one that works hard all day and just wants to catch a break at night and unwind for the next day. Colin Kaepernick maybe a douche, but at least not all of them have become certifiably insane over a false movement based on lies, incorrect perception, and greed.

That movement they call BlackLivesMatter.


A fresh poll from Seton Hall surveyed 841 adults across the U.S. Each respondent was asked to identify seven separate factors as a reason for the NFL ratings drop, allowing them to answer “yes” or “no” for each of them. The leading factor, according to the poll, was the national anthem protests, which scored “yes” at a rate of 56 percent.

Other answers also scored “yes” at a high rate, including 50 percent of “yeses” for coverage of the presidential election, 47 percent for the league’s handling of domestic violence cases, 44 percent for the over-saturation of the market, 39 percent for increased interest in postseason baseball, and 33 percent for controversy over head injuries and player safety.

Bottom line is, protesting on the very field that allows you to play a sport you love and make millions for it…makes you look like a total asshat. BUT..protesting on that same field in front Americans who are serving our country or knew someone who died serving so you can have that right, and the Americans who paid good money to support you…well, that’s just career suicide, and makes you a total dirtbag.

…and that’s the truth.

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