ANOTHER NFL Star Says He’ll Sit Out Anthem, Instantly Gets Nasty Surprise

Myke Tavarres of the Philadelphia Eagles is a rookie linebacker who at one point decided to join Colin Kaepernick in protest by sitting out during the national anthem. Apparently they wanted to make a point for the oppressed African Americans of America. Forgetting of course they are African Americans.

ESPN reported that Tavarres wanted to sit out the Saturday game his team has in Indianapolis. But he didn’t remain in this lonely unpatriotic club for very long. Because he didn’t even have the balls to stay.

The fact that he is a rookie free agent probably factored into his decision. Since that doesn’t provide him much leverage a team would likley get rid of him easily since he’s a newbie in order to avoid the PR nightmare.

His agent made a statement saying,

“I feel passionate about racial issues going on in our country and I thought that sitting during the national anthem would bring more awareness to this issue and encourage more constructive discussion to find solutions, but I feel I only made things worse.”

The statement went on to argue he felt this wasn’t the effective way to seek justice around the world and that he would not be doing it. Furthermore, their were better ways to seek justice which he would endeavor to find and that he would take this time to focus on Football.

Clearly he had a case of buyers remorse. A nobody football player trying to make a statement as a rookie free agent was a stupid idea. He put his entire career on the line and jeopardized his entire future. At least we could have a modicum of respect for Kaepernick for standing by his convictions. Tavarres was a baby and made a stand then quickly sat down when he realized the ramifications of his actions. Kaepernick knew the consequences and continued regardless. Their is at least some small integrity in that.



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