ANOTHER Police Shooting Today, This Time In Kansas… He Was Ambushed!

Kansas City Chief of Police, Terry Zeigler originally tweeted that an officer (Police Captain) had been shot at 22nd and Haskell. But it was later reported that the police captain had died as he was being taken to the hospital following a shooting early this afternoon.

According to the police statement, officers were originally called to the scene at around 1:35 p.m. after a 911 caller reported that at least three people were shooting at him from a vehicle. The suspects fled when officers arrived, and one of them was arrested at the scene.

The unidentified officer was shot approximately 20 minutes after the initial call, while trying to make contact with a second suspect.

The Kansas City Star reported that police swarmed the area where the shooting took place, some of them holding rifles. Several officers took cover behind cars.

The injured officer’s car was in the middle of the street, police spokesman Cameron Morgan said.
“There’s glass and blood all around it,” Morgan said.

The paper also reported that police were gathering at the hospital where the officer had been taken. The report described one female officer walking to her car in tears.

Tuesday marked the second time this year that a Kansas City, Kan., police officer had been shot in the line of duty. Detective Brad Lancaster, 39, was shot and killed near Kansas Speedway during a violent crime spree on May 9.

The officer was taken to a hospital, where he later died. Authorities said he was wearing a bullet-resistant vest.

Please join the Police department to offer prayers for the victims families…

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