ANOTHER Racist NAVY Scumbag Refuses To Stand and Salute American Flag While in Uniform


Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the national anthem has permeated professional and now youth sports. Everyone is taking sides and it is not pretty. Many feel it is disrespectful to veterans to not stand while others view it as a meaningful protest to bring attention to what they call the oppression of African American people. Now a Navy Sailor came forward via social media to make a statement about the protests that many will not like.

The Independent Journal Review reported,

“Last week, as tensions increased following two highly publicized police shootings, another sailor came forward to say that she would be sitting out the national anthem as well.”

Read her statement and look at her picture below that she posted to Facebook.



She indicates in her little statement that she was punished simply for defending the constitution but that is false. She was punished for violating Navy regulations. Regulations that she is well aware of. Navy regulations indicate that all uniformed personnel must stand at attention towards the ensign when the national anthem is played. It is the military after all.

When that regulation is violated then a disciplinary action can be taken. While having the right to do something allows you to that doesn’t mean you are immune from punishment. As is the case here. She had the right to do it, but she was punished because she broke the rules of the pledge she took when she enlisted into the Navy.

One felbow Navyman Martin Baker noted that in basic training they are taught their duty is to preserve and defend freedom and the constitution not practice it. He is also an African American. While Ervin has preserved and defended freedom she is not within her rights to practice it.

Is that fair? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But that is what she signed up for so she shouldn’t be complaining about it now when she knew what she was getting herself into.