ANOTHER THUG BITES THE DUST: Pulls BB Gun On Cops in DC… Instantly Regrets It! WATCH!


Washington, DC: Police shoot and kill 63 year old Sherman Evans for non-compliance with a firearm. Police instructed Evans to put the firearm down multiple times. Sherman Evans did not listen to direct police orders to put the weapon down. Police had no choice but to eliminate the threat.

But that’s when police found out Sherman Evans had a pellet gun.  Sherman Evans got himself shot for brandishing a non-lethal gun BB gun.

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This is not police violence or abuse of power. This is a thug thinking that he is above the law. This is a thug showing a replica of a real gun and placing people in danger. Sherman Evans wrote his own story and basically committed suicide by police.

With three police shootings happening in a short time frame, the DC Mayor made the police department release the body cam video of the shooting. The Mayor requested this to show that police shootings are not a race related problem. Police shootings are not assassinations. Police shootings are conducted when a person is considered a threat. Police shootings typically occur after the police have tried negotiating or giving direct orders and the now criminal has defied said orders.

You do not hold or reach near a gun and expect to live. You will be shot because that’s the police officers job. A police officer will shoot anyone who has a gun and is considered a threat to public safety. The police officers do not care what color you are. If you’re waving a gun like Sherman Evans and refuse to listen to police officers, then the cops have a DUTY to shoot and secure the weapon.

You can tell by listening to the police at the end of the video that no one wanted to shoot the man. They even clear cars away to the ambulance can try to save his life. Sherman Evans didn’t want to be saved, otherwise he would have dropped his gun.

If you don’t want to be shot by police, then follow orders.

We have a hierarchy of law in America. Our job is to follow orders from police. If we disagree with what they do, then we can lawyer up and fight a battle in court.

Sherman didn’t want to talk. Sherman didn’t want to drop the gun. Sherman didn’t want to live anymore.

Sherman Evans killed himself.

It doesn’t matter what color Sherman was, he’s red now.

DAILYMAIL – The mayor ordered the release of body cam footage of the incident to show police ‘transparency’ in the midst of more nationwide outrage over police shootings of black men.

The video shows police screaming at the man for seven minutes to drop his gun, even pleading, ‘Come on sir! Put it down. We’ll talk. We’ll talk.’

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