Another U.S. General Issues Warning to America About What Liberals Are Doing… He’s Right [VIDEO]


There has been much consternation in the wake of the report on CIA interrogation techniques, or “torture“, that was recently released by Senator Dianne Feinstein and the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Some people have defended the CIA’s actions, in light of the troubled times they occurred in, while others have called the actions “war crimes” and are demanding arrests and international action.

Major General Bob Scales recently joined Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren to discuss the Senate’s report on enhanced interrogations, along with the reaction to the report, and the historical pattern of liberals turning on our nation’s troops. (H/T Fox News Insider)

“What I mean is, it’s an academic term that’s called  ‘moral equivalency.’  Early in a war, the anti-war liberals don’t object to a war because they are afraid and the American people are behind the war, and then after the war, when people feel safe, it starts.

“The narrative is consistent throughout the last century.  ‘Okay, Hitler was a bad man who killed 28 million Russians, and 6 million Jews died during the Holocaust…but we bombed Dresden in 1945.  Yes, the Japanese did terrible atrocities, but the argument then of moral equivalency becomes ‘yeah, but we dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima’ and this becomes a similar thing.”

“Isn’t it interesting that we wait until Al Qaeda is on the run and the terror threat has been minimized – it’s been 13 years – before all of a sudden everyone wakes up to the problem. Where were they in 2004?”

The general is absolutely right.  When wars are fresh and popular, the anti-war crowd stays silent.

Yet, as soon as support for a war diminishes, and people forget the fresh and raw emotions of whatever event led us into a war, the anti-war crowd suddenly gets very vocal.

That is, until their chosen liberal president takes office, and then the anti-war liberals stay silent, even when there is little public support for the military adventurism of a president acting outside of the Constitutional confines and war-making authority of his office.

There weren’t very many liberals complaining about the “torture” that we all knew was taking place while the still-smoking rubble of the WTC was fresh on our collective minds.

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