Wow! Look Which Anthem Just Played As Macron Walked Out After Winning Election

Emmanuel Macron won an extremely decisive election to become the next President of France at the age of 39. He destroyed Marine Le Pen and put her right wing agenda away as voters selected Macron, the noted liberal, to lead them.

Lead them into what? A refugee disaster bigger than the one they’re dealing with now? That’s wonderful that a 39-year-old became President of France, but could he at least be on the more intelligent and logical side. We’re talking about France and we need it cleaned out of all the people making it look like a romantic dumpster. France is so dirty right now that Brock Turner wouldn’t even rape someone behind it.

France has been flooded with refugees causing nothing but increased crime, filth, and overall ruining the place that used to be a sleazy getaway and wonderful tourist attraction.

I can’t speak much for Macron’s track record, but the fact that people voted for him giving him the easy defeat says there’s something wrong with the people, or that Le Pen was too far right wing for them. Then again, the French are known to be a little on the weak side, so maybe France’s liberals are the real problem here – not the refugees. Maybe the liberals are the ones to blame. Well, that’s indirectly true because those are the people who wish to permit refugees into their towns and allow them to trash it and fail to assimilate.

Don’t take our word for it. Anyone can run a quick Google search and see horrible sights in Paris. This isn’t the old beautiful Paris you once saw on postcards. This is the dumpster of dives. The toilet of tourism. The place where refugees trash the town and don’t even clean up after themselves. That’s so appreciative, right?

Here’s Emmanuel Macron slowly walking out to address his liberal crowd of voters. Take note the song playing during his entrance. “Ode to Joy?” It’s the official theme song of the globalist, Islam loving European Union, aka, the E.U. How about an ode to him getting rid of the refugees who cause crime and trashy disturbances? How about an ode to right wing politicians who stand firm on their rules, checking people out as they come in, and doing the right thing.

Marine Le Pen was touted as the far right winger and perhaps too extreme. When refugees take over your most pretty city and biggest tourist attraction, then maybe you need to be a little extreme to fix the chaos crowding your streets like a flash mob.

The Express UK reported on what happened just a few short months ago in Paris:

A MIGRANT turf war erupted into violence on the streets of one of Paris’ trendiest neighbourhoods early this morning as asylum seekers beat each other to a pulp with wooden clubs.

The area around Stalingrad Metro station was turned into a refugee battleground as rival gangs of migrants set upon each other in shocking scenes of violence.

Asylum seekers wearing hooded tops wielded makeshift clubs fashioned from lengths of wood which they used to bludgeon each other as horrified pedestrians looked on.

The blood-curdling brawl erupted just yards from the Stalingrad Metro station, where a squalid migrant camp has popped up following the demolition of the Jungle.

It was not immediately clear what sparked the early morning fight, but rival gangs of people smugglers have previously been involved in violent brawls in Calais.

And despite the horrific brawl, a pro-migrant rally is apparently being organised to take place at the camp at 6pm tonight.

The once peaceful neighbourhood, in Paris’ 10th Arrondissement, used to be a popular area with tourists, boasting a lively nightlife scene bustling with restaurants and bars.

But worried residents have revealed how it has become a no go zone in recent weeks following the establishment of the refugee camp, which has brought squalor and violence.

Thousands of migrants – mostly from Sudan, Libya, Afghanistan, and Eritrea – have pitched tents under the Metro station after the demolition of the Jungle hampered their attempts to reach Britain.

French police have tried and failed on many occasions to clear the squalid squat, but asylum seekers simply keep on returning and reestablishing it.

There are now nore than 2,500 migrants pitching up in the makeshift camp, with locals saying the eyesore is ruining their businesses and making life a “living hell”.

Residents in the once popular district say that the squatters are now becoming increasingly violent and dangerous, with increased reports of muggings.

Faisal, a shopkeeper, told the French daily Le Figaro that Stalingrad locals are living in fear, threatening the future of his business.

He said: “The stench of urine, faeces, and rubbish has made Stalingrad an insalubrious place to live. The place is dead – no-one wants to come here anymore. People are afraid to go out and lock themselves in.

Do the Parisians really want to be on a date at night and get harassed by some people looking for a gang rape? Or what if you’re taking your kids for a bike ride and somewhere along the ride a handful of those refugee thugs pop out of the bushes and try to rob you?

Marine Le Pen sounded like a better person to get rid of refugee problems. Sometimes you really need to put the boots on and kick their backside to make things happen.

I am truly shocked that she lost because you would think people had enough of the refugee nonsense. I guess they want more of it. Good thing Las Vegas has their own Eiffel Tower. When the Eiffel Tower in Paris topples over from all the refugees destroying the town one brick at a time, then that’s when you’ll have buy a few extra nights in Vegas.

Let’s continue to observe Macron’s progress over his first 100 days and watch Paris slowly burn to the ashes that refugees want.

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