Anti-Cop Pizza Guy Leaves NASTY Message On Officer’s Box – Not Laughing Later When He Needs Help

A female police officer visited a family-owned pizza shop, Mancini Pizza, in New Jersey and was hit with some really harsh customer service. She ordered food and received her pizza box with quite a surprise. An employee had written the word “pig” on the pizza box. You can imagine the shock since “pig” is a slang and derogatory term for police officer. It wasn’t like she ordered a bacon lovers pizza – this was a deliberate slap in the face of law enforcement and there was absolutely no reason to do this.

Now the pizza shop faces backlash from the public. The customers who live in the area are pro-police, so they’re not very happy with the pizzeria sending anti-cop slurs directly to a police officer’s face.

While the officer waited for her food, pizzeria owner Frank Mancini’s brother marked a pizza box with a sharpie and put it in the oven to wait for pickup, NJ Advance Media reported.

The box had a “derogatory comment directed toward the officer,” East Brunswick PBA Local 145 wrote on its Facebook page. “After confronting the employee, the officer left without her food or a refund.”

Mancini, though, denies there was any anti-cop message. Mancini states that the box in question was titled with “P” for plain pie and had a symbol next to it to indicate garlic twist.

I’m pretty sure the police officer can read well enough to know the difference between PIG and P and the symbol for garlic twist. Why would someone use a symbol for garlic twists and a letter for pizza anyway? It almost sounds like the pizza place tried to cover up their mistake and they didn’t even do that right. If the pizza shop owner said something like this “we use P for pizza and G for garlic knots” then that would actually make sense. But they said they use a symbol for garlic knots and that kinda sounds like a load of you know what to me.

It gets worse. The sadly, and alleged, cover-up of their anti-police rhetoric has spread throughout the community where their pizza shop is located. The residents are boycotting. The people are shopping elsewhere. Pizza is not being purchased like it used to be. The Mancini Pizza page on Yelp is being destroyed by their customers who are very upset at what happened. The Yelp page was being hit so hard that it’s reportedly under surveillance due to the amount of negative press it’s received from consumers. You can’t be a small business who trashes police officers in public, and then think your business will boom. When a business turns into an anti-police propaganda machine, then they almost always plummet in sales.

Now the pizza place needs help. They’re struggling to meet their previous sales numbers. People have ditched them for other shops. People are probably at home heating Ellio’s pizza from a box and serving it with box wine. People don’t care about this pizza place after it disrespectfully bashed a female police officer to her face. What would happen if the pizza place was getting robbed? Who would they call? The police would still arrive and do their job, because it’s their duty to serve and protect, but do cops really need to get hammered by the people they protect? What did this particular female police officer ever do to that pizzeria? If there’s some underlying story where she did something horrible to them, then we would love to hear it. Otherwise, this is a case of a pizzeria gone full stupid and now their business struggles to make ends meet.

“This has been a nightmare,” Mancini said. “We love cops. People just want to blow it up for our business to fail.”

In an attempt to defend itself, Mancini Pizza released a photo, claiming it showed the pizza box in question. However, the police union denied the photo was accurate.

“The photograph conjured up by Mancini Pizza, 11 days after the incident, is not an actual depiction of the original pizza box. It is unfortunate, but not surprising that Mancini Pizza would attempt to cover up the truth and continue to avoid taking responsibility for the behavior of their employees. As mentioned in our previous statement, the officer refutes the claims made by Mancini Pizza regarding the matter. We will continue to stand by the officer’s account of the event.”

The East Brunswick community has responded to the allegations by calling for a boycott of the restaurant. Its Yelp page is now being monitored because of reviews left regarding this incident.

Want to know what else is a nightmare? Being a police officer who lives an honest life and has not done anything wrong, but still faces scrutiny because they are a cop. The woman officer just wanted to get a quick meal, but she was met with a sick criticism for no reason. How does writing “pig” on a pizza box create a caring environment where people want to shop and spend their money? What’s next, they write “fat” on the obese person’s pizza box? Or maybe they write “zits” on the teen whose face looks like the pepperoni pie? If this business purposely trashes people for fun and it’s well known that it’s their “thing” – then that’s fine. But it’s not what they do. They’re not like Dicks Last Resort where it’s well known that the waiters insult the customers, but it’s all part of the gig and everyone knows that walking in the door.

Good luck selling pizza to imaginary customers. Mancini Pizza shouldn’t have trashed police officers with anti-cop slurs if they didn’t want their business to get boycotted.

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