Anti-Cop Race Activist DeRay McKesson Lands Job With Baltimore Schools Making $165,000 A Year

DeRay McKesson is an anti-cop race activist who now has been hired by the Baltimore school system and is being paid a salary of $165,000 a year. He now works as a human resources officer in the school. Formerly he was a full time protestor in Ferguson when race relations boiled over. His notoriety increased when Freddie Gray was killed.

Other protestos and McKesson were trained in Soros-funded agitation. The protests and riots in Ferguson were never grassroots race movements. Everything was coordinated and planned by the Soros funded organization.

Conservatives smelled this rat a few miles away. Nothing fooled them. While the liberal media took their bias and ignored the blatantly false and misrepresented motives of the Ferguson violence and protests. Of course they over looked it because it didn’t fit the narrative of poor victimized African Americans.

The leftists pandering Fortune magazine called McKesson and Johnetta Elzie two of the worlds greatest leaders. I mean they must be right up their with the Dalai Lama!

The Baltimore Sun also pulled out the red carpet for this criminal. In a recent issue they wrote,

Civil rights candidate and former Baltimore mayoral candidate DeRay McKesson will return to his old stomping grounds at city school headquarters to lead the districts office of human capital.”

The CEO of the school systems said,

“He has a depth of knowledge of the system and he has proven he can lift the work in a short amount of time. And he has proven his dedication to the children of Baltimore.”

If being dedicated to the children of Baltimore means inciting riots, encouraging disorder and vandalism, and destroying hundred of thousands of dollars in public property I think we will all take a collective pass.

The children are in for some deep trouble with this guy at the helm.

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