Anti-Cop Waitress Finds Herself In Need Of Help – Group Of Officers Give Her ‘Tip’ She Won’t Forget

You’re allowed to dislike someone for any reason you want or no reason at all for that matter. That’s the beauty of freedom, you can be right or wrong or sitting on the fence, and as long as it’s not breaking any laws, you just have at it. You’re free to do and say whatever you like within the bounds of the law. You’re not, however, free from the consequences of those words and actions.

So while some things are legal, they may not be advised. For instance; a business is allowed to (for now at least) say that they won’t serve a group of people, however, they will probably be boycotted with those who feel compassion for that group if you do. If you’ve got a conviction though, I say go for it, do what you believe is right. After all, that’s what America was founded on so that those who weren’t in agreement with the common school of thought could live out their days in peace.

One waitress has made good use of her right to object to things, but she found herself in the middle of a little instant karma when she did.

Via Conservative Tribune:

“Here’s a little tip for wait staff regarding tips: Even if you’re prejudiced against a customer, it will pay you not to let them know that.

You would think that common sense would dictate that for most people. However, when it comes to liberals, common sense is so rare that if it were a woodland frog species, the federal government would be banning logging companies from operating in their habitat and environmental activists would be chaining themselves to trees demanding its preservation.

So, it’s in that spirit of diminished human capacity that I offer a bit of advice to a certain cop-hating waitress who’s recently gone viral. When serving cops, don’t tell them that you hate them. It’s that simple.

A Facebook user calling himself Officer Daniels gave us an object lesson in why this is such a terrible idea:

In all fairness, a five dollar cash tip was left as well, meaning that these cops didn’t stiff her. All they did was give her a few heart palpitations and a valuable lesson in respecting both customers and law enforcement. Yes, the tip was no better than average, but what do you expect when you tell a paying customer you hate them?

To liberals, however, this ignominy simply cannot stand.

‘You make more than she does, a**wipe,” wroteFacebook user Beavis and/or Butthead Brandi Gray. “And yet she still probably is less of a c*** than you.’

Huh. I wonder why a cop makes more money than a waitress does. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that, unless you’re watching “Thelma & Louise,” waitresses don’t generally face life and death situations on a daily basis.

Also, that’s a fascinating argument from Ms. Gray: ‘If I’m a waitress, I get to tell you that I hate you if you’re a cop. But please continue to put your life on the line to protect me. And you’d better tip, you c***.’

Thankfully, the 40,000 likes and nearly 8,200 shares in just over 24 hours proves that not everyone is as black-hole dense as our friend Ms. Gray.

Let that be a lesson unto you, wait staff of America: people might not be as jazzed about your prejudices as you might expect.”

One would think that someone who survives off of the good feelings of others would be a little more sensitive to what is going to pay the bills. Did she have the right to do what she did? Sure. Did they have the right to toy with her over it? Absolutely. Will she lose her job over this? One sure hopes so. It is the establishment owners right to hire whoever he wants, but here’s hoping he realizes how bad this is for not only his business but the safety of his patrons if police don’t feel welcome there.

Let’s be honest, if you’re an officer and you hear two calls come in, one from a place where you’ve made friends with the staff and one where you’ve been treated like crap for trying to keep the streets safe, where are you headed to first? Even just the police presence at a restaurant will make you less likely to be targeted. I’m not saying that any of those selfish reasons should replace the obvious respect that we should hold for the boys in blue, but at a minimum, you would think people could see that they’re hurting themselves when they do things like this.

I guess if you’re a liberal who’s searching for two brain cells to rub together, you just always do what your emotions tell you in the moment. But you’re going to be really sorry when somebody with a gun comes into the place where you work and does the same thing, but you’re on the receiving end of the bad feelings. I bet you’ll be looking around for a cop then.

(Source: Conservative Tribune)

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