If you’re a birther, you believe that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States, and therefore is constitutionally prohibited from holding the office of the presidency.

And you might be right.

But someone who’s ok Photoshop wants you to focus your attention elsewhere:

bumper sticker

If you look closely, you’ll see that what appears to be a bumper sticker probably isn’t — the light’s wrong, the angles are straight though the bumper is curved, and the “sticker” appears to take up almost half the bumper — from the license plate well almost to the end.

They may be pretty good with Photoshop, but I’m a conservative political writer. Spotting things that don’t quite wash is what I do for a living.

But I digress.

Regardless of the medium, the message is quite valid.

While theories of Obama’s overseas birth may be interesting, it’s a little late for any challenge to his presidency on that basis.

Even if one were able to get a judge to take the matter seriously, by the time a lawsuit and multiple appeals had run their course, Obama would likely be out of office anyway.

And in the meantime, he’d be free to pursue his agenda, just as he is today. Despite the results of the midterm elections, Republicans in Congress are not standing up to him the way I’d like to see them.

And if they did, he’d likely just ignore them anyway and continue to enact his agenda via executive order.

A national single-payer health care system, gun control, limits on political speech,government control of the Internet, progressive taxation, IRS targeting of conservative groups, institutionalized racism, a weakened military, support for terrorist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas … if the president can change immigration law independently of Congress, he can do all of this and more.

So what is to be done?

President Obama needs to be reminded who is really in charge of this country. It’s not him. It’s not Congress. It’s not the Supreme Court.

It’s not even Chuck Norris — although I daresay the country would be in much better shape if it were.

No, it’s not any of those. The supreme power in the United States derives from its people. You and me.

You know. We the People.

By phone call, letter, fax, telegram, email, social media, whatever — use a carrier pigeon if you have to — President Obama and all of our elected officials need to hear from us and be reminded that their job is to serve, not dictate.

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