A man in the rural town of Minden, Nebraska exercised his Constitutional rights by erecting a sign to reflect what was on his mind. But the sign has caused quite a stir, as many felt that it was too offensive.

Did This Anti-Obama Sign Take it Too Far?

The sign which reads “Aids, Ebola, Obama. Thanks, Africa” was spotted after the Minden man put it up over the weekend.

After learning about the sign through an email, Mayor-elect Ted Griess personally tracked down the owner of the sign and asked him to remove it.

“I got an email to the effect that it was creating quite a stir in the community. It was being transferred all the way across this nation from one Facebook account to the next. It [the sign] was so large and it was coming into the community alongside the highway and, as the mayor-to-be, I didn’t want that type of image to be portrayed in Minden, Nebraska. We’re called the Christmas City.”

Griess was eventually able to convince the owner of the sign to remove it; although, the man was not too happy about it. Griess went on to say:

“I tried to point out to him that a sign of that nature alongside a highway gives the wrong image for a community. It was just a citizen who, I guess, was expressing his political viewpoint. He had the right to do so, but it was a sign I interpreted, and I think the vast majority of citizens interpreted, as being very distasteful. I wish it would go away, but it hit the social media.”

Upset, resident Bruce Lindstrom expressed his feelings over the sign that went up in his small town.

“I’m stunned that America has come to this place where the hatred and the vitriol is so wide open now.”

Others felt differently and thought that the man had a right to keep his sign up.

“I believe everybody has the right to their own opinion and if they would like to state it there should be nothing wrong with that,” Minden resident Dwayne Wilson expressed.

Whether this sign is deemed “offensive” by some or not, should certainly not be the point of the story. Are we truly at the point where our First Amendment rights are limited or non-existent simply because a few people have hurt feelings or feel that what someone says is “offensive”?

As for the message on the sign, I think it’s right on. As our imperial president continues to rule through executive order and threatening to do whatever the hell he wants without Congressional approval, the liberties and freedoms we have in this great country continued to be ripped away.  Similar to the way in which Aids and Ebola infect a person’s body and eventually lead to death, Obama’s radical ideologies and transformation of our country are an outright assault on our Constitution and everything our forefathers fought and died for. To say that Obama is a disease to our country would be a very accurate statement.

Now, whether Obama is actually from Africa, I’ll let you determine that.


Courtesy of Mad World News

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